Brandi Love is looking at a house with her husband and she can’t tell if Monique Alexander is just being flirty to close the sale or if she is really just coming on to her. She hopes it’s the later and when her and her husband decide to buy the house Brandi has an idea how to figure out which one it was. She just goes down on her husband right there while Monique makes the calls to say they want it. When Monique comes in and see’s the couple making love she doesn’t freak out or scream instead she just watches and flicks her pussy beat. The two of them invite their real estate agent in on the action and have a long passionate threesome to celebrate their new house. This scene is from Brazzers and is called “Brandi Love’s The Realtor” if you wanted to find more, but I would suggest you just join this site is really just one of kind!

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