Madison Ivy is fulfilling some traveling dreams in her life she is in London looking at one of the Queen’s palaces. She first messes with the guard out front where she found on they really won’t move even if they’re getting their dick sucked! So she goes inside and is doing the tour but it’s super boring so she sneaks off by herself and finds the same soldier she sucked off outside banging a maid in the hallway, with the queens crown on! So now that she has this guy by the balls she says she wants to see the Queen’s jewels and he of course shows her and the maid because she wanted to see them too. In the thrown room Madison becomes the queen and commands this guard to drop trow so the maid can suck his dick. He does this, and Madison joins in and a hot little threesome in the throne room begins. The maid is played by Aletta Ocean by the way for those that were wondering.

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